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The MOT is not an alternative to properly servicing and maintaining a vehicle and is by no means a 12 month guarantee of the vehicle’s roadworthiness. It is important to realise that the MOT test does not cover areas of a vehicle’s mechanical condition that are not related to safety or emissions.

An important aspect of the MOT is that the vehicle’s equipment is tested, by and large, to the standard to be expected during its year of manufacture. For example, the brakes and emissions of a 1919 Morris will not be tested to the same criteria as a 2006 Mercedes.

Any vehicle can be MOT tested even if the vehicle is unregistered (kit cars or imported vehicles). Imported vehicles that are MOT tested in Great Britain must meet British standards even if the importation is temporarily. An example would be combined stop lamps and indicators commonly found on American vehicles which are not appropriate for use in Britain.

MOT Test is £35.00 class 4

Price for a class 7 vehicle MOT :   Call us for a competitive quote

Remember you will not get charged for re-test as long as MOT repairs are carried out by Woodwards.

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